What to see in Bali. Top 10 places

The pearl of the archipelago attracts travelers with its snow-white beaches, mystical temples and rich cultural heritage. This tropical corner is the embodiment of the harmony of nature, art and spirituality. If you are going to go on an exciting trip to the island of the Gods, make a checklist of what to see in Bali on your own. Travel experts “Come with us” present a list of the 10 most interesting locations and offer to get acquainted with current tours on the website Poehalisnami.kz .

Attractions in the south of Bali

For convenience, we have divided all the attractions by geographical location. Do you want to know what to see in the south of Bali?

What to see in Bali. Top 10 places

Tanakh Lot

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the temple was considered the main religious building of the island. According to legend, it was created by a wandering monk in the XV century. Today, Tanakh Lot stands on a rocky islet, attracting tourists with picturesque views and majestic ancient buildings.

Forest of Monkeys

If you are interested in what to see with children in Bali, pay attention to the forest located near Ubud. It is home to many monkeys. Monkeys have long been accustomed to tourists, so they eat, raise offspring, sleep on the walls of the temple and do not pay attention to the guests.

What to see in Bali. Top 10 places

Goa Gajah Caves

There are Elephant Caves in the north of the island. Back in the XI century, they became a refuge for monks. At the entrance, tourists are greeted by a demon’s face cut into the rock, and inside you can see sculptures and a statue of Shiva’s son, Ganesha. 


The heart of the cultural life of the resort invites guests to get acquainted with folk crafts. Here you can buy amazing batik, wood carvings, and visit museums. Also nearby are the Tegalalang rice terraces, which are on the list of things to see in Bali in a week. 

Bird and Reptile Park

Its 2-hectare territory is home to over 1,000 species of birds from different parts of the world. This is the most diverse collection of birds in Asia. Here they are allowed to feed the birds and take pictures with them. The park is also home to turtles, lizards, crocodiles, reptiles, including the legendary Komodo dragons. 

Taman Ujung

The water Palace, which should be included in the checklist, is a must-see in Bali. It was built in the early 20th century and served as a vacation spot for the royal family. Photos and memorable gifts that were presented to the Rajah have been preserved here. In the 60s and 70s, the palace was damaged by volcanic eruptions, then it was restored. 

Interesting locations in the north

Are you planning a vacation on the island and want to know what to see in the north of Bali? The following locations deserve attention.


A dormant volcano, in the basin of which a second volcano has formed, attracts the attention of connoisseurs of natural attractions. In one of its craters, the largest lake of the resort was formed – Batur. The locals consider it sacred. 


The deepest waterfall in Bali reaches a height of 40 meters. In order for travelers to admire the water element, observation decks were equipped around. If you want to swim in the Git Git, go down to it by climbing 340 steps. 

Pura Oolong Danu

The temple was built in the XVII century at an altitude of 1200 meters. The place is particularly beautiful — it seems that all the buildings grow out of the lake. People come here to get acquainted with the ancient culture and take pictures.

What to see in Bali. Top 10 places


A group of waterfalls reaches a height of 70 meters. Two of them are available for visiting. The rest are located in the impenetrable jungle. Since the attraction was opened relatively recently, there is still virgin, untouched nature.

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