How and how long to fly to Zanzibar from Kazakhstan

Tanzania is an African country that attracts travelers with its distinctive culture, picturesque nature and wonderful safari conditions. Zanzibar is considered the most popular resort on its territory. The island archipelago, washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean, offers a beach holiday. It can be combined with diving, ecotourism, and a rich excursion program. Along with the opportunities offered by the destination and the cost of tours, tourists are interested in how much to fly to Zanzibar from Kazakhstan and whether a visa is needed.

Visa to Tanzania

Kazakh travelers need a single-entry visa to visit the country. It is issued for a period of 90 days for a single visit to Tanzania. The authorization document is issued online on the official website of the migration service. If you have a scheduled flight or charter to Zanzibar, travel experts recommend that you have a printed visa with you. On average, the application is considered from 2 to 7 days. The cost of a visa is 100 USD, regardless of the age of the tourist. That is, the same rate applies to children and adults.

How and how long to fly to Zanzibar from Kazakhstan

Flight to Zanzibar

Before answering the question of how many hours to fly to Zanzibar, it should be noted that the distance between Almaty and the island’s international airport is 6687 km. Travelers can buy plane tickets with one or more transfers, or choose a more convenient option to book a tour that includes a ticket for direct flights to Zanzibar. In this case, the travel time is about 15 hours, provided that the average speed of the aircraft is 600 km/h. The flight time is indicated approximately. It can be smaller or larger. This indicator is influenced by:

  • aircraft model;
  • weather conditions, for example, wind;
  • air corridors and waiting time. 

Many tourists do not know how to get to Zanzibar cheaply. Someone is waiting for a promotion or buying tickets with 2-3 transfers. But the money saved will not cover the time and effort that will be spent on the road. Therefore, charter flights are the most inexpensive and comfortable solution.

How and how long to fly to Zanzibar from Kazakhstan

Long flight: how to prepare

Of course, every traveler gets tired during a 15-hour flight. But you can make the journey less tedious and more comfortable. To do this, take care of comfortable clothes and shoes. Sneakers, jeans, a T-shirt and a hoodie will be a good choice, as it may be cool on the flight. A small pillow under the neck would not be superfluous. 

Also think about what you want to do on the way. For example, download a couple of games to your smartphone, movies or cartoons for children to your laptop, take a compact board game if you are flying with family or friends. An exciting book will also help pass the time, and needlewomen can grab a wooden hook in their carry-on luggage and knit. 

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How and how long to fly to Zanzibar from Kazakhstan

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