TOP 10 attractions in Corfu

Corfu, also known as Kerkyra, is one of the most popular Greek islands, attracting tourists from all over the world. Located in the Ionian Sea, this island is famous for its amazing beaches, rich history and picturesque landscapes. In this article, we will talk about the main attractions of Corfu and look at 10 beautiful places worthy of the attention of guests.

TOP 10 attractions in Corfu

  1. Corfu or Corfu town

Corfu, the capital of Corfu, is a charming city with narrow streets, ancient buildings and cozy squares. Here you can see the influence of Venetian, French and British architecture, which creates a unique atmosphere. In Kerkyra, it is worth visiting the old and new fortresses, walking along the Esplanade and admiring the sea view.

  1. Achillion Castle

The Achillion Palace is a luxurious building built at the end of the XIX century by order of the Austrian Empress Elizabeth (Sissi). The image of the palace is inspired by Greek mythology, and its interior is decorated with sculptures and paintings. Here is a part of the TOP 10 attractions of Corfu, where you can visit the beautiful gardens and enjoy the panoramic views of the island.

  1. Paleokastritsa

Paleokastrika is one of the most picturesque areas of Corfu, known for its beautiful beaches and clear water. Here you can enjoy water sports, visit the monastery on Paleokastritsa Hill and enjoy panoramic views of the coast.

  1. Mouse Island

Mouse Island or Ponticonisi is a small but charming landmark of Corfu. The island is located near Kerkyra and is one of the most photographed places in Corfu. According to legend, this is the ship that Poseidon turned into stone. Here you can go to a small village and enjoy the magic of peace.

  1. Pantokrator Mountain

Pantokrator Mountain is a place where from the highest point of Corfu there is a magnificent view of the island and the Ionian Sea. There is a monastery on the top of the mountain, where tourists can relax and enjoy the picturesque nature. Climbing the mountain is the perfect adventure for nature and trekking lovers.

  1. Love channel in Sidari

The Channel of Love is a natural formation located in Sidari on the north coast of Corfu. This narrow channel between the rocks is named after a romantic legend: it is believed that couples who swim across this channel will be together forever. The Channel of Love is one of the most unique places on the island among the best attractions of Corfu.

  1. Kanoni Village

Kanoni is a picturesque village near Kerkyra. It is known for its views of the Mouse Island and the Blachernae Monastery. Here you can visit small cafes and restaurants, enjoy the beautiful views and stroll through the cozy streets.

  1. Sidari Beach

Sidari Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Corfu, where you can enjoy soft sand and clear water. There are also natural rock formations that give this place a unique beauty. Sidari Beach is great for family holidays and water activities.

  1. Angelokastro Fortress

Andgelokastro is an ancient fortress on a high hill on the west coast of Corfu. It was built in the XIII century and served as a defensive structure. In addition, the historical sights of Corfu attract tourists who are fans of antiquity. The fortress offers spectacular views of the coast and the Ionian Sea.

TOP 10 attractions in Corfu

  1. Paleo Frurio

Paleo Frurio or the Old Fortress is a historical building located in Corfu. It is one of the most important architectural monuments of Corfu, reflecting the history of the island. Here you can walk along the walls of the fortress, visit museums, enjoy the views of the city and the sea.

In order not to bore tourists with the question of what to see in Corfu, the island offers many beautiful and interesting places. This list of the 10 most beautiful places in Corfu will give you an idea of which attractions to add to your itinerary. Enjoy the beauty and history of this amazing Greek place!

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