TOP 10 attractions of Paphos

Paphos, located on the southwestern coast of Cyprus, is a place where history and myth meet modern life. According to legend, this city was the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, which gives it a special romance and magic. Paphos is not only a place of ancient ruins and archaeological sites, but also of picturesque nature, mild climate and beautiful beaches.

Pathos: the magic of ancient treasures

The best attractions of Paphos are ready to receive tourists who want to admire this unique beauty.

Antique mosaic. The ancient mosaics of Paphos, located in the Houses of Dionysus and Iona, are excellent examples of Roman art. They are among the historical sights of Paphos, depicting artistic compositions that include ancient myths and scenes of everyday life.

TOP 10 attractions of Paphos

Aphrodite Rocks.To the west of Paphos there are rocks associated with the mythical Aphrodite. According to legend, it was in this place that the goddess of love came out of the sea. This wonderful place attracts tourists with its natural beauty and mystery.

Ancient Byzantine ruins of Old Paphos.The old town of Paphos is rich in history, and its narrow streets are full of ancient and Byzantine monuments and unique artifacts.

Paphos Palace — this fortress complex, towering over the harbor of Paphos, offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Inside the castle there are exhibitions and museums telling about the history of the city.

TOP 10 attractions of Paphos

St. Cyriacus Chrysapolitissa Church: this Orthodox church built in the XIII centuryThe century is an important religious and cultural center of the region. Its architectural details and iconostases amaze with their beauty and uniqueness.

The main attractions of Paphos include the catacombs of St. Salomon. It is an archaeological site with ancient underground tombs carved out of limestone.

The Bird Park is a great place for a family holiday, where you can see a lot of exotic birds from different parts of the world. The park hosts entertainment for children and adults, including shows and exhibitions.

Castle of forty Columns.This medieval castle on a hill offers magnificent views of the city and the sea. In ancient times, it served as a defensive fortress and trading post.

The Ethnographic Museum.Here you can learn about the culture and traditions of the local population. Exhibitions help you figure out what to see in Paphos, and also tell you about folk crafts, clothing, crafts and architectural masterpieces.

The village of Geroskipou is a traditional Cypriot village with preserved ancient houses and narrow streets. Here you can immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of local life and taste traditional Cypriot cuisine.

By car, you can visit not only the city of Paphos itself, but also its surroundings. It is recommended to visit the surrounding villages and towns to get acquainted with the local culture and customs. If you ask what to see in Paphos by car, it will be various natural attractions such as mountain gorges, waterfalls, archaeological sites and historical monuments. There is also public transportation such as buses and taxis, which makes the city and its surroundings convenient and accessible to tourists.

TOP 10 attractions of Paphos

This city attracts travelers with its cozy atmosphere, traditional Cypriot hospitality and rich cultural life. Here you will find excellent restaurants, cozy cafes, lively markets and vibrant festivals. 

Paphos, with its rich history and culture, offers its visitors a unique holiday full of amazing sights and experiences.

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